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Kanchi Shri Krishna College of Arts and Science

When men started to do counting, Mathematics began from that day itself we cannot come to conclusion the day from which Mathematics came into use by human.
Thus, Mathematics in very old subject as well as very important subject in this word.
In this college, Department of Mathematics was introduced during 2003-2004 and 24 students were joined in First Batch. In this department Physics, Statistics, Operation Research and Graph Theory are Allied subjects for First year, second year and Final year students respectively.
The Enthusiastic students of Mathematics Department are participating various competitions with other college students they are encouraged by awarding Scholarship by Trusts.
They are not only enlightened in Mathematics subjects but also with other required information which are required for their whole life to uplift them.
There are Eight teaching faculty educate and intellectualize the students in Mathematics Department.
In accordance with the valuable guidelines being given by our Management and by the Principal of this college a good standard of Education as being provided to our students in Mathematics there by the following students have got university Rank.

Mathematics principals Equations formulas are proved one and this subject is base for the various scientifically inventions, Hence we have to bring this information to the society.
Create awareness to the students for the benefits of learning this subjects.
To make it understand to the students that the job opportunities available by learning this subjects.
We should add interest of learnings Mathematics, subtract Hegitation, Multiply Motivation, Divide Fear, then only the Number of students will be increased remarkably.


S.No Name Qualifications Designation
1 Mrs.B.Akila M.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor & Head
2 Mr.G.Siddarthan M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
3 Mr.S.Shanmugam M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
4 Mr.P.Thanigaivel M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
5 Mr.M.Nandhakumar M.Sc.,M.Phil.,M.Ed., Assistant Professor
6 Ms.M.Ramya M.Sc., Assistant Professor
7 Ms.M.Umeshraj M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor
8 Mrs.V.Rajeshwari M.Sc., Assistant Professor