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Kanchi Shri Krishna College of Arts and Science

Kanchi Sri Krishna College of Arts and Sciences was started in 1994. Tamil Department Bachelor Cycle - II (B.A) was introduced in this college in the year 2009. Post Graduate Tamil
Cycle - II (M.A) Introduced in 2012. The doctoral degree (P.hD) was introduced part-time in 2004. After that the Bachelor of Tamil Cycle - I (B.A) was introduced in the year 2020.

The broad vision of the department is not only to know the specialties, cultures and art and literary knowledge of the Tamil language which originated long before the emergence of
stone and soil, but also to guide the students in the way of cultivating the way of life of the Sangam Tamil.

Today's students are tomorrow's leaders. The main goal of the teacher is to improve the personality development of the students with the best qualities that are relevant to the
profession.The real development of a community is possible only when it enriches itself in the field of education.

? Helps students develop the norms of life by making them read the scriptures and daily news.
? Helps to improve their language style by practicing writing dissertations.
? Giving students the opportunity to express their individuality, helps to develop their language skills by keeping the subjects readable.
? Saying justice helps to make their future life better.
? Helps to develop their eloquence by having them participate in the seminar.
? Abdulkalam stands the way and leads the students to enrich the environment by planting saplings.
? Helps students to develop their personality by expressing their individuality through poetry, essay, sports competitions.

Number Of Students
? Undergraduate Tamil First Year Students - 44
? Undergraduate Tamil Second Year Students - 47
? Undergraduate Tamil Third Year Students - 47
? Postgraduate first year students - 22
? Postgraduate Second Year Students ? 08


S.No Name Qualifications Designation
1 Dr.K.Venkatesan M.A., (Tamil) M.A., (English)., M.Phil., Ph.D., Principal and Head of the Department
2 Dr.V.Veeraragavan M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
3 Mrs.M.Karthika M.A., M.Phil., NET., SET.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
4 Mrs.B.S.Sarala M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor
5 Mr.J.Babugandhi M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Professor
6 Dr.N.Arumugam M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
7 Mr.P.Bharathidasan M.A., NET., SET., Assistant Professor
8 Mrs.R.Pappitha MA,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
9 Mrs.R.Vasumathi M.A., M.Phil., NET Assistant Professor
10 Mrs.N.Sudhamathi M.A., M.Phil., NET Assistant Professor
11 Mr.N.Thiagu M.A., M.Phil., NET., (Ph.D.,) Assistant Professor
12 Dr.R.Suji M.A., Ph.D., NET., SET., Assistant Professor